Summer in the city

Luke and Mads

Luke and Mads

It’s been a year and a half since my last post, and as you can imagine, we’ve changed by leaps and bounds.

I’m constantly amazed by how fast my kids seem to grow, both in physical stature as well as maturity. Madeline, in particular, is developing her personality more and more. It’s fun to watch her come into her own.

How is it that two kids can seem so similar and yet so different? They play so amazingly well together, and yet they each have their own, distinct interests. Luke is passionate about dance and science. Mads loves dance, too, but I can see how she is already moving toward a different path of interests.

In early June we visited Houston with my folks and stayed with my cousins. We made the trip because Andy and I had scored tickets to a Houston Ballet performance of “Journey with the Masters” for Luke. He and Andy went, and really enjoyed themselves.

The next day, we took the family over to Space Center Houston. I couldn’t help myself imagining one or both of my kids working at NASA somewhere down the distant road. It’s so inspiring to see what humans have been able to accomplish.

Space flight! I mean — come on — that’s pretty awesome!