Growing up so fast

Mads, Cindy & Luke on dark backgroundI’m ashamed at how long it’s been since I updated our family blog. So much has happened since March, that it would take me weeks to get everything updated.

So I won’t try.

Needless to say, it was a full 9 months. Full of hugs, tears, and a lot of growing.

I started a new job full-time. Luke had a ballet recital AND a violin recital. We took a vacation — a road trip actually. Andy and Luke both started Crossfitting. And after a very hot, but relaxing summer, autumn snuck up on us and our busy school year routine started up again.

Mads celebrated her 1st birthday, and we had a very small party with just us and our very close nanny, Michelle.

The holidays were fun this year since Mads is older.And I worked very hard to make our holiday celebrations all about the experiences, rather than the “stuff.” In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we participated in numerous holiday-type events, from the downtown stroll & sing-along to spinning under the Zilker tree (which is where you see us in the above photo.)

This year promises to bring even more changes. I can’t believe my kids are growing so fast.