A visit to the Austin Zoo

For the first time since Madeline was born, Luke, Madeline and I made a fun outing that didn’t involve errands or school or extra-curricular activities — without Andy.

We visited the Austin Zoo, which is a great place to take small children, although Mads is a bit young to really get into the animals.  But we had fun anyhow.

The trails are really rocky, so I had to bust out with the jogging stroller to help keep the bumps under control.  Madeline ended up in my sling anyway, and I pushed the stroller through the zoo one-handed.  Not an easy task.

It seems like the Austin Zoo has received some donations and made some improvements since we visited a year ago.  There’s a new wolf playard and information signs about the animals on almost every enclosure.

The Austin Zoo is small, but they really try to educate the public about proper animal care and why exotic animals do NOT make good pets.  It’s definitely good for a few hours of downtime with the kids.